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Welcome to the next level, EPGP is here! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Healmeunoobs   
Wednesday, 28 October 2009 18:22


Finally!  Many of our raiders have been pushing for a loot system for a while now, and after a lot of hard work and a few heated discussions, we are proud to announce:


Starting Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009, we will be using EPGP to track effort and distribute loot in all Subprime 25-man raids!


I'm sure you all have many questions about how this system is going to work.  But before you start asking, please read the Guild Rules!  We have spent a lot of time outlining information and rules that will most likely answer the majority of your questions!  Also there are REQUIRED RAIDING ADDONS that MUST be installed!



Here is what the loot interface will look like in our 25-man raids:



The lootmaster will get an interface to distribute loot that looks like this:


It may take a little while for everyone to get used to the system, but once we're all comfortable with it, loot distribution will likely be a lot faster and less stressful!




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Icecrown or Bust! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jundicator   
Monday, 12 October 2009 20:12

First, I believe this guild should commit itself, to achieving the goal, before this decade is out to landing a 25 man raid team into Icecrown, and returning with phat Arthas lootz.

Just letting you all know.

My personal motivation for doing so...
There are lots of us who have been playing this game for almost 5 years now (since nov 23rd, 2004 for myself), and have never been able to completely clear the final end game content.

At 60, the group noobs and I raided with was always a step behind the content patches, always racing to catch up, and never got to finish AQ40 or even halfway through naxx40.

The closest this guild has gotten to "gg roll credits" so far was last june when we finished off Yogg 10 man the night before patch 3.2 hit. That was a "gg roll credits" moment, and if we hadn't decided to expand the guild to try for 25 mans, I think I would have been satisfied.
But alas, we've done the recruiting and now have 30+ people online each night with plenty more potential recuirts in the works. We've got a great website infrastructure, and thanks to our current bank of dedicated raid leaders we've also got a solid core of guildies who know what it takes to win. More importantly...

/end soapbox

Patch 3.2 has given Subprime the opportunity to make this goal achievable. Yes, we can field a raid team of 30 to 35 players in 226 T8 and higher raid acceptable gear, before Jan 1st 2010.

But of course gear isn't everything, so people who have been WoW-ing for awhile need to help those who haven't, and so during the course of building this raid team we'll need to develop the skills and cohesion which can gets us through WoW's toughest content.

The first step is to make sure members who need help with their classes, specs and gear are getting help. I want people to use this website as their point of contact. Post in our forums if you are new and looking for advice or a seasoned veteran looking to give advice.

The second step is to inventory people for a 25 man group. Who can we count on to be core tanks, healers, and dps?

Finally, the easiest part is to get us all into 25 and 10 mans on a nightly basis. Look to sign up for raids in game on the guild calender and look for scheduling information in our guild forums. Ask a guild or raid leader in game if you are having trouble getting into a group.

Timeline looks like this :

  • On-going - Gearing and Training -T9/T8 25/10 mans, and T9/T8 10 mans - l2p, deciding on mains, and gearing them to meet minimum gear requirements.
  • Nov - Raid edicate and Skills training - T9 25/10 man T8 25/10 mans - Getting used to a weekly raid schedule, not standing in fires, and tighting up raid admin.
  • Dec - Raid cohesion - T9 25/10 T8 25 man - Fine tuning of play skills, Preping for hard mode encounters, getting us ready for progression wipe sessions and efficient wipe recovery.
  • Jan - Apr - Icecrown Pwnage - Bang your head against the wall Progression raiding 3 nights a week until Arthas is down.
  • GG roll credits

Lets do this!



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