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Subprime King Slays!!! (Vids Below!)
Written by Healmeunoobs   
Friday, 16 July 2010 02:29



Words cannot describe the amount of dedication, patience, diligence and persistence this guild has shown since we started raiding as a 25-man team together. Tonight it all culminated in a glorious fight against the Lich King, after countless nights of seemingly hopeless zerging and Icecrown cliff jumping. Congrats to everyone on a shockingly well executed guild first Lich King – 25 kill!


Thank you everyone for making this guild what it is today. Those who have stuck it out know that Subprime is more than just another group of gamers who somehow manage to tolerate each others incessant nubbery. What I personally love about this guild is the sense of community we have. We all make mistakes in raids, but what's important is the attitude we maintain towards each other as PEOPLE while we experience this game together.  THIS, in my opinion, is what sets us apart from other guilds.


We'll probably ease off this crazy progression train we've been on for the last month, and just enjoy actually killing bosses for a little while. Maybe attempt a few hard modes here and there, but nothing too stressful. It IS the Summer after all! CONGRATS AGAIN SUBPRIME!




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