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The +Spirit of Shadowmourne
Written by Healmeunoobs   
Wednesday, 15 September 2010 01:39



Grats Hybridcdo on getting Subprime's very first legendary!



Being the only retribution paladin on the server that knows about the super secret spirit gem bug, there is no question as to why Hybrid deserves this weapon.  Now he just needs Jackbauuer's leather gear!


Getting a legendary weapon for the guild means more than just bragging rights, it is truly a testament to the solid foundation that this guild stands on.  Thank you everyone for making all of this possible!


We'll continue with the alt-friendly raiding style we have since it seems to be working out pretty well and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.  If the raiding interest continues to increase as it has been lately, we may very well get a serious shot at Ruby Sanctum-25 before the the expansion comes out!

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