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Subprime Recruitment

Thank you for your interest in joining Subprime!  You may choose one of the 2 links below to apply depending on what type of member you want to become.


The majority of us are over the age of 21.  Many of us raid as often as we can, but we also have social members who are here primarily to hang out with their friends/family.  Raider or not, if this sounds like a good fit then please apply!


Social applicants must know somebody already in guild that can vouch for them.  You will get an invite once that member vouches for you, but keep in mind that social members should have no expectation of a steady raid spot on our 25-man team.


Raider applications are for people who are specifically interested joining the Subprime 25-man raiding team.  This application is more detailed to give us a better idea of how you play and how capable you are of following directions.  If you want to be a raider, you must first READ THE GUILD RULES.


Subprime Social application

Subprime Raider application


Raiding Recruitment Needs
Written by Healmeunoobs   
Sunday, 24 May 2009 22:04


We are currently recruiting to fill up our roster for the casual 25-man team.  If you are interested in applying as a potential raider, feel free to follow the link above to apply!

We value consistent raiders who:

-Have positive, patient and constructive progression attitudes
-Study boss fights, strats and mechanics
-Know their class and don't stand in fires
-Don't play the game just for loot
-Won't rage about being subbed in or out for the greater good of the team

If Subprime sounds like a good fit for you, follow the link above to submit an app!


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